Wooden Pallet Sizes Uk

Wooden Pallet Sizes Uk. Read our quick guide on uk pallet sizes. Uk pallets are used around the world and by different cargo movers depending on their requirements.

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Once the pallet measures within 120(cm) x 100(cm) x 220(cm) it is note: What are the sizes & dimensions of pallets in your country? Well there are many types of wooden pallets available in the market, such as normal wood pallet, pinewood pallet, teakwood pallet, rubberwood pallet, oakwood pallet and the best place to look is nationalpallets.co.uk as it has all sizes of pallets and tells you dimensions in full of all of them.

Standard pallet sizes in the usa are 48×40.

Wooden Pallet Sizes Uk. Currently, there is not yet one single globally accepted pallet sizing system. Information about the different size pallets used today. Uk standard pallet sizes 1000 x 1200mm. Use our pallet size chart to figure out what best fits your shipping needs.


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