Wooden Pallet Compost Bin

Wooden Pallet Compost Bin. You'll want to find 7 wooden pallets that are approximately all the same size. It will have a left, middle, and right section with an open front.

Shallow Thoughts from Iowa: New compost bins made out of … from 1.bp.blogspot.com

Full video at the end. Compost bins can be as small as a gallon, or house enormous piles and sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. After sanitizing the pallets carefully, these are laid flat on the ground to create a base.

The four equal sized pallets are then placed round the base to create.

Wooden Pallet Compost Bin. Today, i decided to make a compost bin out of wood pallets. I'm not comfortable trying to cut and drill and screw. Wooden pallets are often free to source and are the perfect size for making a large compost bin. The construction of a wooden pallet compost bin requires the following materials:


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