Wood Pallet Nailing Machine

Wood Pallet Nailing Machine. Wood pallet/briquette/block processing machine, 河南郑州. And raw materials is waste wood, wood scrap, waste pallets.

2000*2800*2600mm American Wood Pallet Nailing Machine from www.woodpalletmachine.com

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Wood Pallet Nailing Machine. Automatic stringer wood pallet nailing machine. A drill will allow you to make a hole slightly smaller prybar, chop saw, wood chisel, clamps, nail punch, hand plane (smallish), sawzall (to get the pallets em apart), draw knife, bolt cutters, spokeshave. For traditional hardwood pallet, we also recommend pressed wood pallet machine is a new type pallet machine that produces presswood pallets. Automatic wood pallet legs nailing machine has two parts, one is feeding part, and another is nailing part.


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