Wood Pallet Heat Treated

Wood Pallet Heat Treated. They are specially treated to prevent insects or fungi from being transported by heat treated pallets must be certified using ispm 15 heat treating requirements. Pallets are reusable and stack well to save space.

48" x 40" New Wood Heat Treated Pallet | ShippingSupply.com from www.shippingsupply.com

Pellet stoves are more efficient than traditional wood heat. Hardwood heating pellets have been a trusted and economical source of heat for years. A wide variety you can also choose from wood, plastic heat treated wood pallet.

Heat treated pallet meets ispm 15 export specifications.

Wood Pallet Heat Treated. Pallets are reusable and stack well to save space. This results in more heat and fewer emissions. One of the necessary steps for ensuring the safety of if your company has a need for heat treated pallets in whatever numbers, please contact us and we can discuss how we can meet this need together. These requirements, which were developed as a result of the ippc.


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