Wood Pallet Garden Box

Wood Pallet Garden Box. Get started with these projects. Raised pallet planter box • 1001 pallets.

Upcycled Wood Pallet Planter Box | 99 Pallets from www.99pallets.com

* * great shipping rates country wide. Use a mallet and pry bar to remove the wood slats from the three 2 x 4 ribs used to hold the pallet together. Because my property is on a mountain side and our yard is sloping, i chose to use raised beds to keep my garden from washing down the using pallet wood (and pallets that are adjusted for size) i've built levels where shorter plants are closer than taller plants, and i use the square foot.

This sturdy piece of wood is 4 these planter boxes are made from 100% ht pallet wood and features a set of three boxes with rope included.

Wood Pallet Garden Box. Have you ever wanted to build or buy a garden box? Pallet garden toolbox or crate. Like with planting boxes, making toolboxes are fairly simple to make, and many instructions can be found online. I plan on building more because it worked out very well.


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