Reclaimed Wood Pallet Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Headboard. Making order out of chaos? What is it about reclaimed pallet boards pieced together that our eyes love so much?

Headboard Pallet Furniture Reclaimed Barn Wood by … from

Wood planks, finished in any style/color you prefer, in any amt you need. This project was born because we needed vitamin a headboard we already had close to howling oak barn woods and we were prepare to build something. Add some warmth of the wood to your spaces with this pallet headboard for your pretty beds.

Reclaimed wood supplier in lakeland.

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Headboard. We scored some salvaged barn wood to use for the legs. Queen size headboard stands 60 tall and is 65 wide. We're still undecided about if/how we want to stain it. Naturally, pallet wood is used to transport cargo and different products locally and internationally, therefore, it's strong and good for holding different aside from its beauty and strength, pallet wood is used to make headboards because of its versatility.


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