Pallet Wood Clock Face

Pallet Wood Clock Face. This clock is lovingly handcrafted from reclaimed wood with black nails to mark out the clock face. This product is made to order, from selecting the wood, cutting, sanding, assembling and.

Fake cable reel clock face made from pallet wood. | Wood … from

Now, it's starting to look like a clock! The size of this clock is approximately 27cm x 27cm, but because its made from pallets, it may vary slightly. Simply pour vinegar over steel wool in a jar and close the lid tightly, letting it sit for a minimum of 6 hours.

The classic design and functionality of the clock makes this a great diy select three pallet wood boards that will work for your clock.

Pallet Wood Clock Face. The hours counting has been shown with roman numerals with. This should complete you clock! I got the idea to make her a diy clock, something i handmade from pallet wood. You can create a masterpiece of art and as wood has different shades wooden pallet clock may have natural beautiful designs but you may add designs of your choice using paint brush.


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