Pallet Wood Bat House

Pallet Wood Bat House. Reclaimed pallet bat house plans. Beautiful flatbed trailer outdoor pallet house:

The Walking Dead Fan Art Wood Turned Pallet Bat "Lucille … from

Now we are just waiting for the bats to move in! • a variety of different materials can be used. Bat houses should be at least 60cm tall and thick enough to accommodate two or more roosting compartments/chambers, separated by thin vertical baffles.

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Pallet Wood Bat House. Designed using north american bat house research project guidelines, our bat houses have a greater than 80% occupancy rate, compared to only 10% with some other designs. Bats will not be happy with smooth and slippery walls inside the house as they are difficult to climb on. The minimum size is 14 wide and at least a 20 tall chamber(s). This design is also a good option if you want to practice your pallet.


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