Easy Heat Wood Pellet Fuel

Easy Heat Wood Pellet Fuel. Though pellet stoves are usually a little more expensive to buy than a wood heat stove, they are generally much easier, and less costly, to install. They provide minimal ash and high btu for instant heating.

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Using the above efficiency and net btu figures with current pricing of available fuels, the chart below shows what one could. Heat output for your home heating is measured in btu (british thermal unit). It is epa certified, with a 86% burn efficiency and a powerful blower.

All your heating needs are done with ease by using these easy heat premium grade wood fuel pellets.

Easy Heat Wood Pellet Fuel. Expect to pay between $1,500—$5,000 for a new stove, depending on the style and chimney requirements (whether you have an existing chimney or most homeowners who use pellet stoves as the main source of heat report using 2—4 tons of pellet fuel per year. Made from solid wood, these fuel pellets are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use. The best biomass fuel of recent times, wood pellets are being used in many countries now as replacement for other liquified and gas fuels. Wood pellets are biomass fuel products made from wood by products such they are compact and high density, which make them easy to store and transport over long wood pellets can be used as fuels for power generation, industrial and residential heating, and farming.


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