Destroy Wooden Pallets Fortnite

Destroy Wooden Pallets Fortnite. Wooden utility poles are essentially the posts you've seen. These are usually located in warehouses or industrial areas in fortnite.


Destroying fortnite's wooden utility poles is easy work, as the poles are plentiful and fairly simple to discover. Destroy chairs, destroy utility poles, and destroy wooden pallets. Once you're in the right area, it's hard to miss their bright red wooden slats, and some of them even have a chest hidden inside as an extra bonus.

In keeping with all the celebrations that take place at this time of year we have a challenge that lets us launch fireworks into the fortnite skies.

Destroy Wooden Pallets Fortnite. Fortnite chapter 2 season 5 week 9 quests are a various assortment of challenges to accomplish, but hey, at least you're not destroying harmless produce or corn fields this time! Where to destroy wooden utility poles in fortnite. There are metal utility poles dotted around the map, but the best place to drop to find and destroy wooden pallets would be junk junction, the ship yard north of retail row, titled towers and the junkyard. Wooden utility poles are essentially the posts you've seen.


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